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Player Pool, Positions, Transactions, Schedules, Fees, Scoring

Offense and Defense categories, Special Teams & scoring for OFF, QB, RB, WR, TE, PK
League Name, Size and Divisions, Team Names, League Officers, Commissioner, Secretary, Treasurer, Rules Committee, Rule changes, Super Bowl Coordinator, Rookie Draft Coordinator
League Voting, Schedules, Protect List
Mistakes, Rookie Draft, Pre-Mini Camp, Mini Camp, Draft, Draft Board Setup
Bernstine Rule, Rosters and Lineups, Early Games, Rule Protest & Point Protest, Tie Breakers
Pickup Night, Transaction Restrictions, Add a player, Waiver Processed/Period, New League season, QUICK TIP(IR - PS list), Waive a player, Injured Reserve, Practice Squad, PUP and NFI, Suspended players, Trades,  Rosters at seasons end
Winners Bracket (Championship), Losers Bracket (Toilet Bowl), Playoff waiver order, Super Bowl and Roster Penalties,  Super Bowl Coordinator
Payouts, Weekly Highs, Banquet, Year End Awards, FFL89 HOF

2017 Rule Changes
New rules are now posted in the rulebook.
Note: New rules added for the year are in red
Wll be used for the Rookie
draft order
Begins in 2017


1 red flag move a year for stupid MISTAKES;;;;;;; Teams are allowed 1 mistake they make a year to have it corrected by the league. (NFL rule: 2 challenges per game. Win both teams get 1 additional challenge)

Note:  With this rule failure, it means a mistake is a mistake on the owners part and can not be corrected by the league. So, when making changes be careful as once it's done the league can not go back.