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Around the League: Recap - Warthogs won their 5th in a row. Meanwhile, Coaches Brian Stratton and Robert Stratton lost despite doing all they could on the coaching front. Read all about it in this week's report.

A Year in Review
Fantasy Journalist / Jan 04, 2018 01:01 pm ET
Easy Pickings
Key Stat:
Average Points Scored per Game: 81.8
LA Warlords Opponents per Game: 70.5
All year long, opponents kindly rolled out the red carpet for Coach Adam Ottmar and LA Warlords. They had 70.5 points per game scored against them during the regular season, which was fewer than any other team. The easy schedule takes a bit of the shine off LA Warlords' 7 - 6 record.

Better Luck Next Year
Key Stat:
Average Team Points per Game (reg. season): 81.8
I'm Not Howie Points per Game (reg. season): 77.2
There's always next year for Coach Steve Cohen. I'm Not Howie wound up tied with Strange Brew for last place with a record of 6 - 11. The unimpressive finish was partially due to their 9th ranked wide receivers.

Is that Don Shula?
Key Stat:
Average Coach's Points: -1.7
Coach Tony Lucente's Points: 69
Coach Tony Lucente can hang his hat on the fact that he was the best gameday coach in the league. He ended up winning his team the game in week two with his lineup decisions, which were 7 points better than the experts that week. That coaching performance goes a long way towards explaining why Lynx finished the regular season with an 11 - 2 record.
.Everyone on the Level
Key Stat:
Lucente's Rule Top 3 Players PPA: 87.7
Lucente's Rule 4-6 Players PPA: 45.1
It was all for one and one for all with Lucente's Rule this season, as they ended up with the most balanced lineup in the league. Unfortunately, this was more due to their top players not doing so well. Chris Thompson, the Ravens, and Matt Prater posted 87.7 Points Vs Positional Average (PPA) while in the starting lineup this year, one of the worst marks in the league. Their next three best players, Adam Vinatieri, Jimmy Graham, and Devin Funchess, finished up at +45.1 PPA.

Shuffling the Deck
Key Stat:
Average Number of Starters: 29.7
JP Neil Starters: 33
Like a fashionista picking out shoes or an oenophile picking a fine wine, Coach Neil mullarkey just could not decide who to start from day to day. JP Neil had more starters than any other team, putting 33 different players into the lineup over the course of the regular season. Despite that coaching performance, JP Neil wound up tied for 6th place during the regular season with a 6 - 7 record.

Falling Down
Key Stat for McGibblets:
Points Per Game Weeks 1 - 7: 87.3
Points Per Game Weeks 8 - 17: 65.2
Back in week seven, McGibblets were in contention to win the title, tied for 4th place. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be, as they fell all the way to being tied for 10th place to finish the season with a record of 5 - 8. The fact that McGibblets had the 3rd hardest schedule this year (measured by points against) certainly had something to do with that.
Key Stat for Warthogs:
Average Running Back Points Per Game: 6.4
Jonathan Stewart Points Per Game Started: 0.8
Warthogs were held back by Jonathan Stewart, who did more to damage his team's chances than any other running back. While in Warthogs' starting lineup, Stewart fell 32.4 points short of the average running back. One of Stewart's worst games came in week six, when he laid a goose egg. Despite his performance this year, Warthogs wound up in 2nd place during the regular season with an 8 - 5 record.

You've Got a 'Tell'
Key Stat for Shamrocks:
Record When Tom Brady Overperforms: 7 - 2
Record When Tom Brady Underperforms: 1 - 6
There was no better indicator of Shamrocks' fortunes this year than the performance of Tom Brady. Shamrocks looked unstoppable when Brady topped his projections, and hopeless when he didn't. Coach Mark Stasch could have used a lot more good efforts from Brady, as they closed the season at 8 - 9.
Matchup Nightmare
Key Stat:
Young Guns: 130 points
Lynx: 321 points
Young Guns didn't have a great year, and part of that can be blamed on Lynx. Young Guns faced Lynx two times, and Lynx ended up winning both games. The cumulative margin of defeat, at 191 points, represents the largest spread between any two teams this year.

What Could Have Been
Key Stat for STRONGBOW:
Record Before Aaron Rodgers' Injury: 3 - 2
Record After Aaron Rodgers' Injury: 4 - 8
STRONGBOW were humming along pretty good heading into week six, but that was before Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone on this play. STRONGBOW were a very different team from that point forward, going 4 - 8 the rest of the way.

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