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Week 13 Franchise Football League Power Ranking Report  -  +/- move  (last week)
The Cowboys and Coaches Ed Stasch and Ethan Stasch both shined this week.:   The week was a successful one for Strange Brew, and nobody deserves more credit than Coaches Ed Stasch and Ethan Stasch. They started the Cowboys and the Cowboys defense instead of the Eagles and the Eagles defense, despite expert advice to do the exact opposite. These great decisions boosted Strange Brew's final score by 25 points and were the difference in the game, as they earned a nice victory over LA Warlords, winning 75 to 58.
Young Guns
Coaches Brian Stratton and Robert Stratton cost their team points with poor lineup decisions for the first time this week.
- (6)

McGibblets' drop this week means they have now fallen six spots total over the last five weeks.

1 (11)

Strange Brew
Strange Brew have been on a tear recently, having won three of their last four games.

1 (12)

Warthogs rocketed up three slots in the power rankings after their 74 to 63 win over McGibblets.

3 (5)

Texan won this week despite leaving Josh McCown and his 39 points on the bench.

1 (8)

LA Warlords

Coach Adam Ottmar picked the wrong week to give up on Cameron Brate, having to watch as he went off for 19 points.
- (10)

I'm Not Howie
I'm Not Howie continues their climb up the rankings, having moved up for the 3rd straight week.

4 (7)

STRONGBOW had a win expectancy as high as 86.4% against I'm Not Howie, but wound up losing 90 to 75.

5 (3)

Shamrocks could have used better coaching this week, as Coach Mark Stasch went against the CBS lineup recommendations and paid the price, losing 84 to 68 after costing his team 19 points.
5 (4)

JP Neil
The Patriots probably don't care too much that Rob Gronkowski will miss their game against the Dolphins next week because of a stupid late hit , but Coach Neil mullarkey will not be so chill.
1 (2)

Lucente's Rule
Lucente's Rule have done much better this year when Cam Newton outperforms expectations, and that was the case again this week.
4 (9)

Power Rankings
by: CBS Fantasy Journalist
2017 Season - Final
Lynx went off this week scoring a record 204 points vs Young Guns. They also set four more records and tied 2 with the 100 + points in a week this year.
Tyreek Hill racked up over 30 yards per reception on his way to 33 points this week, and with the way Kansas City's defense is going, they're likely to be in a lot of passing situations for the rest of the year.
- (1)